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re: Nailbombs - Beastlord


1) Do you know any members of " In Harms Way" that DON'T think you suck? Balv

2) Why the hell do you want to be an " In Harms Way" raider?  I like to stab/scratch/pew pew monsters with friendly strangers in the late evening a few nights per week.  I'm told this a fun place to be with a serious side when it comes to raid times. Sounds Nice.

3) What time zone are you in and what are your play times like? (We're mostly EST)  Est 
     Can you commit to our raid schedule of Sunday Monday and Wendsday 8:30-11:30pm EST?  I have a few end of season vacations coming up shortly, other than those.  Absolutely

4) Talk about you.
(What Raiding Experience do you have? How long have you played this toon? Why did you leave your last guild? What was your last guild that you raided in. and how long has it been scene your last raid. etc...)  I was a late bloomer.  I started raiding in RoK and have been mostly hooked since.  I've raided several toons.  Mystic, Ranger, Warden, Assassin, Dirge, Troub, Wizard, Bruiser and most recently Beastlord.  I created my beast in April of 2016 to fil a roster spot.  Most recently an Officer in Death Proof, until it collapsed.  Last raid was early summer.

5) Spells & Gear: Yes
Are you fully mastered?  Grand mastered  
   Do you have your Enervated Mythical buff? Sure do.  It was painful on Beastlord.
    Do you have your DOV X2 debuff?  No
Crit Chance?  1923 
    Please post an UNLOCKED link to your character profile so we can view your stats. Done.

6) How many AAs do you have?  350

7) Anything else you would like to tell us? 

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Into Harms Way is an Everquest 2 raid guild
We've been around for 10+ years and still going strong!

~~ VoV expac cleared ~~

Come Raid with Us!


Raid Days & Times

Sun        7:30 - 10:30 pm CST (8:30 - 11:30 EST)
Mon        7:30 - 10:30 pm CST (8:30 - 11:30 EST)
Wed       7:30 - 10:30 pm CST (8:30 - 11:30 EST)

Raid Requirements

Lvl 120/350 AA
Minimum of 7400 Resolve and 1.5B HP self buffed
You must have Discord and a Microphone
Able to make at least 75% of all our scheduled raids

Haven't Played in Years?
IHW will assist returning players that have the drive to gear up,
maintain their toon and are dedicated to the raid force.
We can help you increase resolve, learn the new mechanic changes and
provide other info needed to be successful in an end-content raid guild.

If you are interested in raiding with us click Apply to Guild.

IHW Raid Council Officers:
Wickedfyre, Myxx, Mossbob, Lucutious and Panthor

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